Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holy Homophobic

I was thinking of something to write about in this post, and thought, "maybe I could write about how it seems like homophobia is finally starting to subside..." Well, then I saw this article on Huffington Post, and thought, "holy bologna! I have never been so wrong in my life."

I'm not gay! Not that there's anything
wrong with that...
A guy in Tennessee sent his dog to be put to sleep because he thought he was gay. Let me write that again. A guy in Tennessee sent his dog to be put to sleep because he thought he was gay. First of all, the ridiculousness of a dog being gay because he humps another male dog (a classic sign of dominance,) is not lost on me. The worse part is that this guy thought that the dog should die because he wanted to hump another dude. 

There is evidence that dogs and other animals can, in fact, be gay. There is stronger evidence that this owner was a total a$$. 

Thank goodness somebody else adopted this little baby, and he wasn't put to sleep just for doing something that feels totally natural to him. (Dogs hump other dogs. It's a fact.) Feels totally natural to him. Let's go with that.

Why are we so scared of gay people in this country? Why is it so scary/threatening/icky to so many people? I am very understanding about other people's ideas and opinions, but I will never understand why there is so much hate for the gays. The Bible says it's wrong theories don't hold water, and I strongly believe it is just the "ick" factor. Well let me tell you something, straight people- I don't want to see you make out in public either, but I don't think it should be illegal. 

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Legislating lifestyles and sexual choices is something that is only ever largely tried by the freedom-loving right. (I know I am like the millionth person to point this out, but it seems like people still don't get it.) If you are reading this and believe anything on the following list, please comment and tell me why. I literally cannot understand this kind of hate.

Why is it so threatening? 

1. Gay people should not be able to get married because it threatens the sanctity of marriage.
2. If gay people are around, I could "catch" gayness or some kind of sexually transmitted disease.
3. God will punish me if I go along with this gay thing.
4. Natural disasters happen because God is mad that we are so darn tolerant of those gays. 
5. Gay people do disgusting things in their... own beds...
6. I am afraid a gay person will hit on me.
7. I don't want to associate with a gay person for fear that others will think I am gay, too.
8. I am scared that maybe I am gay, too, but would never say so. 
9. Any other reason you don't think gay people deserve the same legal and human  rights  as everyone else.

For the record, I do think we are finally making some strides in changing people's minds about what it is to be gay and why every single person deserves the same rights as every other person. Of course we are still a country of scaredy cats- we are still racist, we are still afraid of people with other religions, and we are still scared of people with physical and mental disabilities. The difference? We have never created legislation to exclude these groups from participating as full citizens.

So, what's the deal, you little homophobes? Why is gay so scary that you are willing to kill your dog?

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