Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glenn "Bologna" Beck

Want freedom? Add a gate! Get rid of competition while
you're at it. I am soooo conzervative!!
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I haven't heard much from Glenn Beck recently. He used to be the "it" guy on Fox, remember? Now he is on some weird internet channel talking his usual nonsense to nobody some people, I guess...

I have always considered Beck to be full of bologna, but since he hasn't been around lately, I thought, "hey- maybe there's a small tiny improbable possibility Glenn Beck has gotten his bologna together, after all."

He hasn't.

Did anyone else catch this segment on The Daily Show the other day? Not only does it exemplify the wackiness that is Glenn Beck, it does a great job of showing the hypocrisy that the right denies but is so, so full of.

Lazy post? Maybe. Video worth watching? Absolutely!

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